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    95°C hot water two-stage heat pump water heater

    Product Features
    1.Double stage coupling refrigeration cycle system design, a R32 system, two stage R515B system. 2.EVI DC inverter two stage heat pump. 3.Maximum outlet temperature 95℃. 4.Ambient temperature range: -35℃~43℃. 5.Unit modular design, multiple units in parallel to increase the total heat, centralized control. 6.4G DTU remote control unit.
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MACON EVI DC inverter two stage air source heat pump

MACON's most advanced low-temperature vapor inject enthalpy-increasing DC inverter two stage air source heat pump unit product characteristics:

1. Design using low-temperature vapor inject enthalpy-increasing DC inverter compressor, DC variable speed Fan, industrial-grade electronic expansion valve, adaptive to the whole season work, accurate refrigerant flow control technology, super heating performance.

2. Operating under off-design conditions, COP up to 4.6.

3. Operating temperature range:-35°C ~ 43°C.

4. Rated outlet temperature: 75°C, maximum outlet temperature: 95°C.

5.10m long range noise level as low as 45db.

6. Applicable to cold areas for house heating and domestic hot water. It can replace traditional coal-fired, oil-burning, or electric boiler and directly connect to radiators for house heating.

7. It can also be applied to those sites where high temperature hot water is needed such as hospital, bathing pool, sauna, factory, slaughter house, house and commercial places.

8. Multifunction design and independent double temperature control, which can meet the demand of domestic hot water and house heating at the same time.

9. Smart comfort energy-saving curve control working mode for radiator heating. It will automatically adjust the heating supply water temperature according to the change of ambient temperature.



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