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Guangdong Macon New Energy Technology Co., LTD., Limited is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in new energy technology. With low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection as its development direction, MACON is an international enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service of heat pump products in the field of improving human living environment.

With a registered capital of 101 million, MACON covers an area of 50 acres for its manufacturing base with the building area of 30,000 square meters. With 6 flexible heat pump production lines, the plant can sustain 200,000 units of air source heat pump series products annually. MACON has established a group of heat pump environmental simulation intelligent laboratories, which makes it become one of the large-scale air source heat pump manufacturing bases in China.

Since its establishment, MACON has been adhere to scientific and technological innovation and committed to the R&D of heat pump product technology with long-term investment on technology, equipment and modern management. MACON has certified ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety assessment system, and has a number of independent intellectual property patents. Its products have obtained National Industrial Production License, CCC, ETL, CE, ROSH, WaterMark, StandardMark, SAA, C-Tick etc.

MACON mainly has 6 categories of products: air source heat pump, water/ground source heat pump, double source (air source + water/ground source) heat pump, air source two-stage high temperature heat pump, water source two-stage high temperature heat pump, dehumidifier and dryer heat pump. There more than 100 specifications and varieties of products for normal temperature series, ultra-low temperature series, ON/OFF series, DC inverter series. Advanced products such as EVI air source heat pump, EVI DC inverter heat pump, and two-stage high temperature heat pump have been widely used in domestic and overseas markets.

MACON’s products are optional for different applications: outlet water temperature ranges from 7 to 85 and working ambient temperature ranges from -35 to 48, which makes them suitable to be used in places where cooling, heating, hot water, drying, dehumidification, air treatment are required in different regions and different climates. They can directly replace the traditional coal, oil, gas and electric boilers to connect to floor heating or cooling, radiator, fan coil, thermal insulation water tank and other terminal equipment for homes, apartments, villas, hotels, schools, hospitals, troops, agriculture, animal husbandry, factories and mines, swimming pool, commercial plazas and other places that are in residential, centralized heating and cooling demands.

MACON has awarded “Top Ten Leading Brands in China’s Heat Pump Industry”, “Top Ten Outstanding Brands in China’s Heat Pump Industry”, “Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in Beijing’s Coal-to-Clean Energy in Air Source Heat Pump Industry”, “Blue Sky Clean Energy Heating Excellent Project Award”, “Top Ten Consumer Favorite Brands in China’s Air Source Heat Pump Industry”, “Best Heating Heat Pump Brand”. “Excellent Model Enterprise of Quality Brand”, “Best Air Source Heat Pump Central Heating Application Award”, “Advanced Enterprise in New Energy and Renewable Energy Industry”, “Guangdong AAA Contract-Honoring and Credit-Keeping Enterprise” and so on. MACON’s products have been recognized as “Guangdong High-Tech Products”, “National High-Tech Energy-Saving Products”, and have been included in the “Energy-Saving Products of Government Procurement List”.

MACON always keeps pace with the development of heat pump technology in Europe and North America, and has been maintaining good cooperation and communication with relevant overseas R&D institutions for a long time. For instance, coopered with Canadian customer to develop EVI air source heat pump, double source heat pump and solar system integration for low temperature heating, cooling, domestic hot water and swimming pool heating in 2010; cooperated with Finnish customer to develop EVI DC Inverter heat pump and two-stage high temperature heat pump in 2012; cooperated with European swimming pool equipment supplier to develop high efficient swimming pool heat pump and became its swimming pool heat pump manufacturer.

MACON’s products sells well in 76 countries and regions including North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South America, South Africa and Southeast Asia. In China, MACON have been an outstanding leader in the Northern China heating market for many years. Since 2010, MACON EVI heat pump products have entered the domestic market and been widely used in household and large-scale centralized heating places. MACON actively participated in the “Coal to Clean Energy” projects in different regions in Northern China and have installed more than 200,000 heat pump units. Some projects have already passed the tests of nine heating periods. Its super low temperature heating performance and stable and reliable product quality have won the public praise and reputation. MACON responds to the “Clean Air Action” with practical actions to promote the use of energy-saving and environmental friendly heat pump to replace traditional boilers in order to reduce the use of coal, oil, gas and other substances and reduce carbon dioxide and pollutant emissions, which contributes to the smog management and clean energy heating in China.

Presently, MACON has set up 8 offices in China, established more than 600 sales outlets, and built MACON’s sales channels and service system. With the core value of “profession, innovation, standard, excellence”, MACON provides customers with high-quality products and services, and creates value for society to meet the growing global market’s demand for energy-saving and environmental-friendly heat pump products which is MACON’s source of power for development.

Macon Core values

Focusing on customers and creating value for them. Become an advanced enterprise that contributes to global energy conservation and environmental protection.

Enterprise Strength

  • Patented Technology
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Development History


In January 2007, MACON established the industry's first launch :150L, 200L, 300L stainless steel all-in-one heat pump water heater; Household and commercial coil circulation and direct heat pump hot water units, the first batch of products exported to Taiwan. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 management system certification, products have obtained CCC, CE, ROSH, ETL certification. In the same year, the pool heat pump, floor heating heat pump and other products were exported to the European Union and North America.

Development History


The first one in China has obtained the product certification of the integrated circulating 270L/340L heat pump water heater exported to Australia and New Zealand :SAAC-Tick,water markStandard mark, which meets the requirements of the energy efficiency subsidy standard of the local government. In the same year, the products were exported to Australia in bulk. And participated in Germany Nuremberg HVAC exhibition for the first time to harvest export orders. Pool heat pump products for the first time exported to South Africa, Spain, France. Start the development of EVI fixed frequency, frequency conversion, EVI frequency conversion heat pump products through CE certification.

Development History


Participated in the heat Supply Exhibition in Beijing, and started heat pump sales in Beijing. Again participated in Nuremberg Heat Supply Exhibition in Germany, and achieved good results and obtained SAA,C-Tick product certification for pool heat pump exported to Australia and New Zealand. Also exported to Australia to participate in Chicago Heat Supply Exhibition and French pool equipment

Development History


Nuremberg heating exhibition and Barcelona Swimming Pool Equipment Exhibition. The rapid growth of foreign trade, swimming pool thermostat out of the dance country Israel, countries and other countries and regions.

Development History


Macon has exported its products to more than 76 countries and regions

Development History


The accumulated sales of household and commercial coal conversion projects in Tongzhou District, Miyun District, Chaoyang District and Changping District of Beijing have exceeded 10,000 sets
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