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    Heat Pump Water Heater Industrial Model

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    The best choice of high cost-effective commercial water heater & Reliable industrial heat pump products for water heating, which have been mostly used in hotels, apartment buildings, school dormitories etc.
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Commercial type heat pump water heater product features:

  1. Wide scope of application

Applicable to hotels, hotels, apartments, residences, villas, factories, schools, foot massage, sauna, bathroom, SPA clubhouse, beauty salon, fitness center, swimming pool, aquaculture, air conditioning, heating, floor heating and other places of demand.

  1. High efficiency and energy saving

Adopt advanced heat pump water heater technology, high efficiency and energy saving, low cost, power consumption is only 75% of solar water heater and 25% of electric water heater.

  1. Green environmental protection

Using 410A environmental refrigerant (optional R32), zero CO2 emissions, no pollution, no waste gas, waste residue emissions, green environmental protection.

  1. Simple and convenient installation

The main machine is connected with the water tank through water pipe, without refrigerant pipeline connection.

  1. Flexible selection of host water tank

Flexible configuration of host power and water tank capacity, according to customer needs to choose the configuration, improve the convenience of product application.

  1. Automatic constant temperature water refill

The heat pump is equipped with an automatic constant temperature water refill control function interface.

  1. Multi-energy complementary design

Integrated control of heat pump heating, auxiliary electric heating and solar heating, combined with a variety of energy forms, flexible choice, can provide hot water to users in different areas throughout the year.

  1. WiFi control is easy to operate

WiFi control, easy to operate, water temperature 25-55 adjustable, regular water supply, constant temperature water supply, trigger water supply, remote switch machine, adjust water temperature and other functions, blackout memory function.

  1. Low noise

Low noise design, quiet operation.

  1. Applicable environment

EVI products can be used at -35~53 outdoor ambient temperature, reliable work throughout the year.

Heat Pump water heaters Star SeriesHeat Pumps typeOutlet water temperature rangeOperating ambient temperature rangeRefrigerant type
Southern Bath starON/OFF Heat Pumps30°C~60°C-7°C~43°CR290/R410/R32/R134
Northern Bath starEVI ON/OFF Heat Pumps30°C~60°C-25°C~43°CR290/R410/R32/R134
Super Southern Bath starDC Inverte Heat Pumps30°C~60°C-25°C~48°CR290/R410/R32/R134
Super Northern Bath starEVI DC  Inverter Heat Pumps30°C~60°C-35°C~53°C



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